The supplier we choose to source our bearings from uses only the very best quality chrome steel for their 608 bearings. They can produce any ABEC rating 3 5 7 9 as well bearings with titanium coatings and black or white ceramic balls. We prefer to use rubber shields but metal shields are also available. Any sort of branding also available on them.

The race cage is a very important part of the bearing for longevity. There are two basic types,.
The type we insist on using is a moulded nylon race cage. This cage lasts so much longer and is far more resistant to failure when dirt enters the bearing. The poor quality version is a very thin pressed metal rings that are spot welded between the balls. This cage is very prone to splitting apart when ever any dirt particles enter the bearing instantly blowing apart the bearing.

Contact us for further information on prices, minimum order numbers, types, styles and colours available.