Factory Direct Decks

Factory Direct is the service we can offer you to have your decks made in our factory in China and shipped directly to you. This service is in two tiers.

TIER 1: Orders between 250 and upwards of 500 must be done as part of our orders, certain restriction will apply with regards to concaves, shapes and veneer lay-up, being what we order. Prices are cheaper than our In-House prices.

TIER 2: Orders 500 to 1,000+ can be done as a stand alone order using what ever concaves, shapes and veneer lay-up you want. We offer you considerable savings on prices, making it hardly worth the trouble of going direct yourself.

Why order boards through us rather than going direct yourself ?

1 : We have been in the indursty for well over 25 years, we are reputable and reliable.

2 : We take the worry and hassle out of ordering from the unknown. With us, you are dealing with someone who knows what you are talking about and what it is you want, and knows how to translate the many variables into great products.

3 : Dealing with any faceless business in another country can be hit or miss. You really don't know what you will get, if you get it at all and if it really is what it is said to be. If not, good luck getting any refund or product exchange.

4 : We have personally been to our factory. We have personally met and know who we are dealing with and have thoughly tested all products we order through them.

Contact us for PRICES or further details on how to start the order process.