Wheels factory direct China.

The advantages are you can get any type, style, size, durometer and colour of wheel you are looking for. Disadvantages are larger min order quantities and slower turnarounds. Though we can have your order shipped by air at a higher shipping cost.

There are two basic categories, hard “street” wheels and soft “longboard” wheels.


Choose your size from 50mm to 58mm, choose your width, around 30mm to 40mm, choose your durometer hardness, from about 94A to 60D, 55D is most popular which would be about 101A if the A scale went that high. We only select the SHR formula which stands for Super High Rebound, that is the best quality urethane mix. Choose your colour, White is in two colours, Pure white and candle white, then there is pretty much any colour made to order you want.
Choose your type, there two basic types. The PLAIN WHEEL and the CORE WHEEL.
Minimum order for plain white wheels is 600 wheels/150 sets. Minimum order for coloured wheels is 1,000 wheels, 250 sets.
Minimum order for core wheels is 2,000 wheels/500 sets, per core colour.

Wheel printing minimum order per print is 200 sets.


Longboard wheels are available in a massive range of sizes, shapes and colours. They have a hard plastic solid core or spoked core. Most tyres are at about a 78A durometer.
Sizes range from around 62x42mm 64mm, 65mm, 69mm, 70mm, 75mm, 76mm, 83mm, and 97mm.
Minimum order quantity is 1,000 wheels/250 sets, per shape/size/colour.