In-House Decks

Omni Boards holds a number of stock size decks ready to make up your order.

We have a minimum order of 20 decks, minimum of 5 per shape.

The decks have 3 coloured stained veneers in mixed colours, top, middle and base sheets.

Board sizes, 7.75, 7.875, 8.00, 8.125, 8.25, 8.375, 8.50, 8.625, 8.75 a mini cruzer and a few "Old School" shapes.

First orders take approx 3 weeks from time of artwork approval to delivery due to printing turn around time. Subsequent orders when we have your graphics here will only take a few days.

Prices are broken into two areas. Printing prices and then Board prices
PRINTING is in two parts the art work SET-UP and then the PRINTING of the transfer sheets.
BOARD prices are based on quantities, so the more you order, the cheaper they become.


Contact us for PRICES on BOARDS and PRINTING or for further details on how to start the order process.