In-House OEM Wheel Program

The advantages of our in-house wheel program are the small min order quantity and a fast turnaround. Disadvantage is a higher cost unit price and printing. Smaller choice options with regards to sizes, colours, durometer and printing. Omni holds in stock at the moment only standard “street” skateboard wheels in candle white in a durometer of 55D which would be the equivalent of about 101 in the A scale of hardness.

We are able to print only single colours, though if your graphic colours don’t need to line up, we can do multiple colours, for instance if you have a solid coloured ring then Black logo text, that can be done.

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Factory Direct OEM Wheel Program

The advantages are you can get any type, style, size, durometer and colour of wheel you are looking for.
Disadvantages are larger min order quantities and slower turnarounds.
There are two basic categories, hard “street” wheels and soft “longboard” wheels.

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